Do Instagram Bots still work in 2022? 4 Effective Bots to Grow Your Account

Are you someone looking to use Instagram bots to grow your account but are unsure as to whether it is an effective strategy or not? 

Well, look no further as we try to find out all it is to know about Instagram bots and which are the most effective ones in the current year.

First Off, What are Instagram Bots?

Image Credit: Aideal Hwa, Source: Unsplash

Instagram bots help to automate the process of interacting with other accounts on the platform.

When programmed correctly, in a non-spammy way, it can help you grow your account because it greatly increases the number of relevant accounts that come across your username and discover your profile. This is the process through which you get discovered on Instagram.

How Instagram Combats Bots

Image Credit: Alexander Shatov, Source: Unsplash

Instagram bots have traditionally been a relatively inexpensive and effective tool that anyone could easily use to rapidly grow their accounts on the platform but those days are, unfortunately, long gone.

From 2019 onwards, Instagram started implementing measures to effectively push out the use of automation bots within their user base. Although Instagram keeps their bot detection strategies private, we know from users’ experience that they reduce bot activity through the following measures:

1. Interaction thresholds are variable and dependent on each user’s historical and current app use

The interaction threshold of an Instagram account is the number of interactions an account can do per hour/day before having their interactions blocked by Instagram.

Before 2019, interaction thresholds were not unique to each user but now in 2022, each account interaction threshold is unique and is dependent on the person’s previous and present usage.

The more recent an account has been opened and the less ‘organically’ they interact with users (such as liking posts from several users in a mechanical pattern, in a short period of time), the smaller their threshold is and the fewer interactions they can do.

And, since an account’s threshold continually changes as their usage changes, it’s possible for people to unintentionally interact past their threshold and be negatively impacted.

2. Going past interaction thresholds results in an account’s interactions being blocked and/or a required password change

If a user crosses their interaction threshold, they’ll receive a notification letting them know that their interactions are blocked or are simply not counted. 

An example of this is when an account likes a post and then it’s automatically unliked by Instagram.

If this threshold is crossed repeatedly, Instagram will require the user to change their password, or in extreme cases, have their ability to interact be revoked for a few hours, days, or even weeks.

3. All Instagram users are punished for going past their interaction thresholds, regardless of bot

As of 2022, any user, regardless of whether or not they are using automation software, can have their interactions blocked if they consistently go over their interaction thresholds or interact in an inorganic way.

This is done by Instagram to reduce the number of casual users interacting at high-numbers, which effectively ensures the number of spammy interactions is reduced. Also, the number of people willing to risk using a bot also decreases.

4. Bot provider’s access to payment and email platforms is denied

Another thing to note is that several payment and email providers like Paypal, Mailchimp deny their services to companies who offer Instagram automation services.

Is this the End for Instagram Bots?

Instagram has effectively reduced the number of accounts that use automation by disincentivizing users to mechanically interact at high numbers and preventing automation company’s access to payments and email.

Popular bot providers like Social Captain, Jarvee, Mass Planner have stopped offering their services or have pivoted their offering altogether.

Automation companies that are still in the game have to continually improve their software so it’s not detected by Instagram and also have to face the fact that their payment and email systems have to be continually changed as providers deny them services.

So unless there is a radical breakthrough in automation software, it’s a bleak outlook for Instagram bots.

Using Instagram Bots in 2022

Instead of thinking that there is only one bot for all your needs, it is better to be aware that there are different bot providers that have different strengths and weaknesses.

Depending on your needs, these bots are most likely to give you the best results.


Starting at a price of $29/month, Massgramer is one of the most effective automation tools for Instagram out there because it’s relatively new.

Despite having a less than stellar customer service, their automation works and they have decent extra tools alongside the basics like Instagram email scraping, mass story viewing, story downloaders, and a few others.


When it comes to reliability and value in the automation space, Inflact offers the best value.

Besides their interaction automation feature, they have several other features like a stories viewer, post automation, DM manager, hashtag generator, profile analyzer, content downloader, and a bunch of others. All this is included in their $57 per month price tag.

Some other strong points include responsive customer service, ease of use, the great grouping of features, and established track record of keeping accounts safe.

All this makes them the best value and safest automation service in the market as of the moment.


It is one of the cheapest automation services at the moment. Starting at $15/month, they provide all of the basic features, decent customer service, constant updates, and other tools like a story viewer.

For Android users, they have an app called Social Bridge which identifies your usage patterns, uses your IP for your activities, and deletes the sensitivities of bot access to your account to create very-low-risk interaction based on your defined promotions.

Social Sensei

If the troubles or risks of automating a bot are not your cup of tea and all you need are new followers, try Social Sensei. 

They get you followers by partnering with “real” influencers to pay them to tag you in their giveaways and send followers to your account.

Their services range from $200 for 5,000 followers and up to $999 for 20,000 followers, depending on what type of influencers and how many followers you want.

So, if your main goal is to have a large number of followers all the while keeping your account safe, this is the best option for you.


If you’re planning to use a bot to grow your account, it’s important to be aware of all the challenges you’ll face and change your strategy accordingly.

Automating a bot in a non-spammy way can save you a bunch of time by not interacting by hand and may bring in a steady stream of new followers but this won’t magically solve your growth problems.